Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 4

I called the doctor this morning, because my weekend job required me to be fully released, not just partial, and needed a new doctor note.

I talked to the doctor and we both kind of agreed that I still wasn't actually good enough to be fully released. This past week, I haven't gotten worse, but I'm not so sure I've actually's kind of like I have stabilized. Which would be fine, except I'm not good yet, so it kind of sucks...a lot. For people who don't know me, I seem normal, actually. I talk decently, I'm pretty with it, I'm just a little tired. For people who do actually know me, they know I'm usually pretty quick. I can respond to things when people say something, I'm generally on top of my game, and even if I'm tired, I don't generally seem beyond exhausted all the time.

The doctor wants me to see a neurologist, just to make sure we haven't missed anything. We're pretty sure that I will be okay, nothing is really wrong with me, and I'm just taking a long time to recover for whatever reason. She just wants to be sure.

The doctor's assistant made my appointment for me and got me all squared away. I really appreciate this doctor, I just feel like I've been in a pain in the butt patient.

Anyways, I'm still only partially released, still not okay to really drive too much. I went to work this afternoon, and will be working half days this week. I did okay at work, but now I'm really, really tired. 

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  1. Get rest, please!! As much as you can. Glad you are taking precautions and meeting with a neurologist just to be sure. love you