Tuesday, February 4, 2014

America is Beautiful

I love America, right? Right.

I also love people. So I need to sort out my thoughts to this whole coke commercial thing.

So I didn't get to see it on TV and the only thing I have heard about it is from people in response to the backlash. So personally, I have not seen any backlash to it (other than when people screenshot things, I guess.) All I've heard is people say how dumb people are for causing the backlash.

I think, perhaps a better response in this case would be to do 1 of 2 things.
1. Ignore the backlash. Not always a good option, in this case, it may be.
2. Simply respond with love. When you talk about the coke commercial, talk about how great it is (if that's your opinion) instead of how stupid people are for their response to it.

Because I haven't actually heard anyone say that the coke commercial is beautiful (actually I have heard 1 person). With the exception of the one, I haven't heard anyone say:
-Wow, America is beautiful.
-Wow, America is wonderful.
-Wow, this commercial really highlights the incredible diversity in the country.
-Holy geeze, this commercial is one of the greatest pieces of advertisements I have ever seen.
-Now this is what is representative of my values.
-I love this!
-Coke wins.

I had to go and find the coke commercial on my own to know what people were talking about it. Because no one posted it. (Again, within the last few minutes 1 person finally did.) If you love this commercial and/or the product, help promote it. Post it. Share it. Talk the good things about the product/commercial. Not any of the bad repercussions. Not worth it.

To me, this commercial is worth it. I love it. Because above, those are my thoughts and immediate responses.

Also, edit update---CNN just posted a poll of "what do you think about the coke commercial, does it offend you or not? And every comment I read (I only went through about 100 of them) said no. So seriously, talk about the good things in this case. I'm over that debate and I just want to talk about how awesome I think this commercial is. (Although, I am willing to agree and point out that our national anthem is the Star Spangled Banner, not America the Beautiful, but you know what, a patriotic song is a patriotic song, they both talk about the beauty and glory of America.)

I need help adding to my list, just like I did with my adulting one!! Help me out.

Reasons why I love America:
1. Everyone has a voice.
2. I can vote.
3. You can vote.
4. I can wear what I want.
5. It's huge.
6. I can go to school.

Behind the scenes:

Also, the coke commercial reminds me of this. Another thing I love. 
Chris Tomlin, World Edition.