Wednesday, March 2, 2016

From my Journal...

Sitting outside at [park], having a little picnic, listening to music, and thinking about #Blacklivesmatter. Being an advocate is really hard and scary. I've started to learn there are many ways to advocate/support. For me, it's really gaining an understanding of my white privilege and how much I have. It's recognizing it and using that to support those of other colors. As a white person, I have a lot of advantages. I can look around and most people look like life, movies, TV. When the #blacklivesmatter became something, I didn't understand it at first. I had the thought, like many people, especially white people, ."....but all lives matter." I finally started to recognize and understand the hashtag. Yes, all lives matter. But right now, black lives really matter and our focus needs to be on them. Our black brothers and sisters are unjustly accused, prejudices come about in the forefront of our interactions, and we sometimes think we are better than or they are lesser than. Black people deserve better. They deserve lives with dignity. As do all people. But most people already have the privilege of not fearing they'll be shot at because of their skin color, or demeaned, or harassed, because they "look different". #blacklivesmatter. Yes, yes, they do. To me, to Jesus, to the world.