Friday, August 23, 2013

Oye to the Poodles Already

Quick 35 second clip of one of my all time favorite shows, Gilmore Girls.

Today, my speech super regressed. And I started drinking a lot of water again and going to the bathroom a lot. I didn't connect the dots, but as I've mentioned, I have a super awesome and smart doctor.

I had to get my TB test read today, so when I was in the doctor's office, my speech was how it was like the second week. Slow, skipping words, slurred, you know..
So they could finally actually hear what I was talking about, because every time I've been there, I've been "pretty normal". So the nurse was all worried and then the doc called me and said if I continue to not do well, particularly if I urinate like double (like I was), then I have to go to the ER this weekend.

She said, "Hopefully, we can make it through this weekend". She's thinking it may be connected and I might actually have DI, and so when I get "dehydrated" (in quotes because I drink soooo much water), it may affect my speech. I said, "But you tested me, and I didn't have it" and she said, "It wasn't the actual test" and she explained the actual test, which sounds super, super awful (water deprivation test) and that it's my electrolytes I have to get tested and such.

I have no intention of going back to the ER and have less than zero desire to, especially after my last incident there.

Anyways, so now, I'm just going to start drinking a ton of gatorade again to replenish the electrolytes, stay in the AC, keep track of water and bathroom and speech and gatorade intake again, and rest.

The nurse (who is also super awesome) gave me the emergency doctor number. The pharmacist gave me their emergency number, just in case. And then the doctor said I may have to go to the ER. This is getting ridiculous. Three different health professionals, all giving me special numbers.

My roommates both left for the weekend, so I'm all by myself this weekend..I will try to be very careful and track everything.

So anyways, I just took like a 45 minute nap, been drinking gatorade, and now feeling better.

Also, good news: I double checked with the nurse and doctor, and the medicine I'm on is just temporary, just to help me through this recovery process. So I feel much more calm, knowing that it's a short term medicine, even though it's normally for long term things. And that it's on the lowest possible dosage (10mg/1x day--and the normal dosage for adults is 25mg 3-4x/day) also makes me feel a lot better.

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