Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V Day

February 14. Valentine's Day. I weirdly love this day. I love the idea of celebrating people and relationships. A day to give, to be overly generous, to be ridiculously encouraging, to be intentional.

I always like to give my little spiel about how a significant other is technically anyone who is important in your life--that includes your best friend, your kids, your parents--whoever is truly significant to you! It doesn't have to be just one person--it can be a network of people! Shower them with things this week.

If you're dating/engaged/married, enjoy your partner! If you're not, enjoy your friends! I have a date with one of my best friends on Skype and I am so flipping excited. (Long distance relationships suck!)

My commitment:
When I go out to eat, I have committed to tipping outrageously this week. What's your commitment for the day/week?