Saturday, June 13, 2015


I spent most of my day reading the book of Matthew, from the Bible. Here are a few things I got from it:

  • Jesus raises the standard (Matt. 5:21-24)
  • Serve others and do more than they expect (Matt. 5:38-42)
  • Love more than expected. Include people. Get out of your own comfort zone and greet and engage with various people, who aren't like you. The world is big, be part of it. (Matt. 5:43-48)
  • Take time for people, without losing sight of your mission. (Matt. 9:18-26)
  • He doesn't need us, but he wants us. He desires for us to be part of His mission. (Matt. 10:1-17)
  • Jesus respects other cultures/customs (Matt. 17:24-27) 
  • When earnest questions are asked, He responds (Matt. 13:36-37)
  • We are all invited to the Kingdom, and we all have a choice if we want to accept or not. If we choose yes and go, we have to know the cost. And we have to be prepared for that cost. (Matt. 22: 9-14)

To Be Known

The kind of person I want to be known as:

  • Someone who takes time to really see and know people
  • Someone who believes people are worthy of love and belonging
  • Someone who is willing to take time for others
  • Someone who adores and worships Christ, the Messiah
  • Someone who spends money to better the world, other people, self

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Head Injury Thoughts

For whatever reason, I've started thinking about my past head injury a lot lately. I've been thinking about how much it impacted me, then and now. And how much it just...kind of wrecked my life, to be honest. Sometimes I joke that it ruined my life. And it didn't, I don't know why I feel that way, but I do.

I'm looking back at my blog entries (begin in July 2013) to see my chronicles from the time. It's amazing the detail I put into it. It's evident of when I was doing better and when I wasn't. As I'm reading through them, I'm getting tears in my eyes because it's so clear that the girl who wrote those was seriously struggling. And I can see more and more when I look in hindsight as to why people were so concerned. I'm concerned about the girl who wrote those! You can just see the struggle and the emotional roller coaster of that time. There were so many posts that I would say, "I'm finally doing better!" And then the next post is, "Nope, not doing well." And then I realized, I just kind of suddenly stopped writing about it. Oye to the poodles!

Weirdly, after reading those entries, it has calmed me down a lot and helped me better process. This type of journaling has been really helpful for me. Thanks for being part of it.