Sunday, December 15, 2013

So Close

I was so close to being all healed.
And I am so close to being home.

2 weeks ago, I went back to the doctor--it was supposed to be my last time. We were supposed to start me to get off of my final medicine, and I was supposed to be almost good to go.
Instead, I started regressing, my speech got off again, mobility slightly off, I was super light-sensitive and hearing sensitive. I went into the doctor and just started crying--my irritability was sky high, my emotions were sky high. And those four symptoms had been going on about 1 1/2 weeks prior to this visit.

So, I got put back on another medicine (the one I had earlier in the semester), plus another (so 3 medicines in total) and have another appointment for tomorrow.

Finals week is this coming week--I'm all done, but have to get all of my students through it (tutor student-athletes at KU). Last week was my final week, so all my stuff was due the past 2 weeks.

The light and noise sensitivity started to go away--I still have it, slightly. Emotions and irritability have started to subside.

But actually, I'm doing pretty well. I've been super tired lately, go to bed early, wake up late.

And! I am going home this weekend for two weeks! I was briefly there in May (less than 2 days), so not counting that, haven't been home since last Christmas.