Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Doctor Appointments

First, I looked up the word "disgruntled" and I realized that's exactly what I am.
Second, I was in my irritated stage when I wrote about the exit interview.

Anyways. Today, I went to my follow up doctor appointment.

Before doctor appointment, my friend came over and brought ice cream, lunch, and coloring books. That made me feel 4830x better.

Basically, doctor was super impressed with my organizational skills, not so impressed with my recovery.

I have constant fatigue, sometimes insomnia, sometimes I sleep all the time, constant headaches, irritability, withdrawn and not wanting to socialize, and have difficulty concentrating.

She thought maybe I should do cognitive therapy. She called the neurologist and they talked and decided to do two things.

1. I have to go to a concussion clinic next week. There, they're going to do all kinds of tests, educate me more about concussions, check my reaction time, balance, impact/computer test, etc. From there, they'll come up with a potential plan of action, if need be.

2. I now have a prescribed medicine. It's supposed to help with some of my symptoms.

I asked the doctor about school.
She said:
1. It definitely won't cause permanent damage.
2. I probably won't excel anywhere near the rate I was (until I'm fully recovered).
3. It will be extremely difficult, may delay recovery, and concussion will strongly affect school.
4. There is nothing the teachers can do as far as any accommodations to help me.
5. She's unsure if I'll actually be able to do it, given that at work, they would send me home after 3 hours.

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