Monday, August 19, 2013

Exit Interview

I had my exit interview today from the CMHC, which is just weird according to my mom and aunt since I was involuntarily terminated.
For those who don't know, my aunt is HR manager of a mega church (18,000 members, approximately 9,000 attendees any given service) and my mom is Senior Director of HR at a major health network (5,000 employees), so I go to them for HR advice and questions, they're pretty good at their jobs.

I turned in my phone, charger, keys, and fob. The HR manager hands me the paper to do the exit interview--doesn't go over it with me, doesn't ask me the questions, doesn't dialogue with me about it.
I fill it out, I'm pretty honest, and then when I'm done, HR just says, "Okay, thanks". So I made them dialogue with me.

I explained that while I understood from an employer perspective, I no longer meet their minimum requirements and don't necessarily argue the fact I'm being terminated (I'm a little pissed, don't get me wrong, but I do understand it). However, I didn't think it was handled well. No one asked me how I was, no one checked in, I wasn't given a time frame, I wasn't told that if I wasn't fully released within a specific time frame I would be terminated, I wasn't told which specific reason I needed to be released on (she told me it was the driving), all I was told was that I had to be fully released in order to return and when I turned in my note saying I wasn't fully released, the first words were that I'm being terminated.

This is the part that actually almost sent me over the edge. 
The HR manager, who was very kind, said, "That's very surprising to hear that, because I met with the director and supervisor, asking about progress, checking in, following up, and all we got in response was a doctor note." She had put on "that face" and had "that tone"--you know the one. I have it all the time when I know someone is lying (especially when I was an RA) my mom has it all the time when she knew I was lying when I was little or her "HR face". That one.

But I wasn't lying. And I got really mad. I think I did actually manage to keep my cool, but I also explained, no, actually. I would go straight from the doctor to work to turn in my notes. I am responsible. The very first week, July 26, when it first happened, when I couldn't communicate, my uncle called my supervisor for me. Otherwise, I never heard anything. The only other time I heard anything was when I was partially released, and I got a VM saying I could only come back if I was fully released. Again, no time frame, not saying I would be terminated if I weren't released soon, not asking how I was. I said I called back, we played phone tag, and she left me another VM saying same thing.

The next week, I turned in my note, I caught my supervisor. And first thing she said was that I was being terminated.

I said I have the messages, my phone records, if you want to see how many times I was called. I offered to play the VM, even. I only have two phone calls, two VM, not until the third week, just saying I need to be fully released.

So now it's just a he said/she said and I'll probably just be seen as a "disgruntled employee" and they're the shining supervisor who apparently checked in, communicated with me, explained everything, and all I did was give them a doctor note and didn't respond. I'm so mad.

I'm not a disgruntled anything. I'm not disgruntled. That's not a word people use to describe me. More recently, maybe irritable, but I'm still Ashley, for the most part. I'm not mean. I don't fight people, I don't tear people down, I don't act irresponsibly,  I don't lie, I don't demean people, I don't 'fight fire with fire'.

But they don't know me. They don't know that. All they saw was what was reported, not in writing I presume, from my supervisor. And what was reported was different than what I experienced.

I am almost okay with the whole being fired thing, because I didn't do anything wrong. I understand the reason for the termination, and that's something I have to deal with. But I am definitely not okay with being made to look like I'm in the wrong or like I lied or anything like that. Because I'm not and I didn't. 

Also, my speech is regressing today. I started to be unable to use contractions, start to get a little slow and deliberate, and it was like back to the second week. But sometimes it is better. Maybe it's just when I'm stressed/mad it goes back?

On the good side, while school said if I can't actually fully meet the requirements, I should withdraw or do PT, they were very kind and very helpful. My new practicum instructor said she is more than willing to work with me and my new job said they were too. They were all very kind in their responses. 

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