Thursday, February 19, 2015


I'm a person who thrives off of checklists. I'll add things to a list if I've already done them so I can check it off. I get a thrill, a relief, a rush. I wonder if it's how "thrill seekers" feel when they go on a crazy roller coaster...I get that kind of high when I complete things.

This whole month has been in total limbo and it has been driving me crazy. I've been so stir crazy, because I had no idea what was happening with anything in my life. Literally every single part of my life was up in the air. Shout out to Anita who let me unload nearly every single thing that happened as it was happening.

Anyways, so with everything up in the air, I couldn't start or finish anything. And I also had the flu for like two weeks (I was out basically on bedrest for almost a week, and this past week have just now started to feel a little bit better). I was getting stir crazy, as well as crazy and afoeuiraufiuajsifj with everything happening (or not happening).

While I was sick, I had to make a goal. so my goal was to get through as many episodes of Friends as possible...I got through 4 seasons (I was at the end of season 1, now at the end of season 5) in just 4 days. And then the other day, I decided to go to the library and get a bunch of CDs and some books. And I've been focused on that. My new project/goal/checklists has consisted of uploading all the CDs and reading the books.

On total accident, I'm in the middle of 5 books, and then my friend just dropped off another book for me. I get stir crazy, I set crazy goals (like read all 5 books in 2 weeks), and check things off. And then I feel so much better about life.

I saw a friend the other day and they asked how my day was and I shouted out, "Oh my gosh, so great!! I was so productive, I got to check everything off my list!!" I was ecstatic, overjoyed, over the moon. Because I was finally, for the first time all month, getting to complete goals.

This week, that means reading and uploading CDs. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I was looking at some of my old stickies (which is where I type the random quotes as I hear them and how I can reference back to them) and found some random links...Below is one of them.

When I was in Intervarsity during college, we had partnered with missionaries in China and in fact a lot of my friends I knew from there are in China. When some of them had visited for a summer before moving there, they came back and taught us this song. I don't know the lyrics in English (they had them up at the time, but I don't have them), but even though it's in Chinese (I assume Mandarin), it's beautiful to listen to.

Check it out!

And here's another song we sang that's in Spanish that I love. (This I do have the translation for):

False Ideas

I typically try to stay away from legitimate belief discussions on FB, but the other day I engaged in one. And it didn't go well. It essentially went like this:

(Context: Someone put an article about pending new marriage/divorce laws that discussed the idea of making it slightly harder to get divorced and comments ensued, this is the gist)

Dude I don't know: People can get divorced if they want to, it doesn't affect anyone else.

Me: If one couple gets divorced, it's not a big deal. But when a lot of people do, it is. That affects society, it affects people. 

Dude I don't know: Show me research proving that. Until I see hard evidence that that's true, that divorce affects society, I say let people do whatever they want. Who are you, the government, or anyone else to tell people what to do?

(There was other stuff, but that's the main gist. So then out of spite, I went onto JSTOR and Google scholar and found about 20 different peer reviewed articles that was the evidence he asked for, even if it was rhetorical)

Dude I don't know: I don't care about any of that, nothing will ever make me change my mind. No amount of research will, I think people can do whatever they want and no one should say otherwise. 

I was almost going to tell him before finding the articles, that I was willing to bet that no amount of research would change his mind. Because almost always when people say, show me the research and then I'll change my mind, they won't. It took all my self control to refrain from calling him on it BEFORE I sent the articles, and I couldn't help myself but send the articles to him (it was out of spite, if I'm being honest, it wasn't because I really thought it would be helpful), and then it took all the more self control to call him on it AFTER that. Actually, I just took myself away from the conversation and no longer engaged. And I've started a FB fast, so just FYI...

Anyways, onto the point:

"It is always better to have no ideas than false ones; to believe nothing, than to believe what is wrong."

This is a quote I strongly believe in. This is why I have doubts in my faith, because I refuse to just willy nilly believe in something. This guy had a strong belief (that people should be able to divorce if they want to and it doesn't affect anyone else, in this case), and it is so strong that no amount of evidence can change it. 

As much as I desire a rock solid faith in Jesus, I don't ever have to have the kind of belief that blinds me from truth. So when something is presented to me that doesn't seem to line up with my beliefs, I will think about it, I will wrestle with it, I will engage with it. I won't brush it off, I won't say "I don't care", I won't stick so hard to my beliefs. 

I do wrestle and grapple and fight and defend and question and struggle. And I think that is good and healthy. And I think that's why I so desperately love Jesus.

What bothered me the most about what the guy said wasn't his opinions, what bothered me was that his beliefs were so entrenched with him that he said "I don't care, nothing will change my mind". That rigidity is what scares me. That rigidity is what I don't want for me. Including in regards to my beliefs in Jesus or marriage. 

I remember when I was teaching a healthy relationships workshop, and the second class the topic was sex. And I told my supervisor that I was most nervous because the research supported my beliefs. That may make some people feel better, but I wanted to just present research to the folks taking my class, not instill my values upon them. I told them at the beginning I only have three beliefs I want to instill upon them and believe in:
  1. Know people's names
  2. Importance of accountability
  3. Importance of making this a safe place
Everything else, take what you want, leave what you want, and don't have to believe anything else I say. I had a professor one time that told us, "The point of this class, any other class, is to expose you to information. You can keep your opinions, I'm just providing you with more information." And I love that and I told my class that. (That class went really, really well, by the way.)

Have strong beliefs, have strong faith, hold tight to your values. But be willing to fruitfully engage with others, other beliefs, other faiths, other values, and other evidence. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015


We just started a new series at Velocity Church called Heartthrob. I'm super stoked because it's about one of my favorite topics: Love, Marriage, Relationships, and Sex. So Imma just type my written notes here. The podcast is probably up on the site, if you wanna hear the original message. It was also mentioned that this is only if you want to approach it God's way. You have options, you don't have to do this.

It was around 1 Corinthians 7.

    • A lot of people view the Church of "you're not 'getting any', so you can't 'get any' either", but that's not within the context at all. 
  1. Important to discuss questions and issues. Paul didn't shy away from it. 
    • There's a big difference between our questions and issues. God is more interested in dealing with our issues than answering our questions. 
    • Paul starts 1 Corinthians as dealing with some of the issues first (first six chapters), before answering questions (chapter 7). The issues are sometimes the questions we should be asking, but haven't. 
    • "We've got issues...more issues than Vogue"
    • Culture provides a lot of "tips/tricks", but doesn't really deal with the issues.
  2. It's good and okay to be single--it's not better or worse than being married. Sometimes we treat those who are single as second class citizens, not good enough yet, not yet whole and we need to do better than that because it's not true. Singles are whole and can have fulfilling relationships with other people. Paul discusses suggestions and standards.
    • 1 Corinthians 7:2: If you're not married, you don't get to have sex. God gives boundaries with blessings. We all believe there is such as thing as sexual immorality (re: abuse, violations, incest, etc.) we just want to put our own boundaries on it. If you're dating, he's not your husband. If you're engaged, he's not your husband. 
    • Not trying to shame anyone, we're not about shaming. It's about trying to encourage people to raise the standard. 
  3. Desire and duty. 1 Corinthians 7:3
    • It's not the most romantic language--it's not talking about desire; desire is a byproduct of the relationship, not a goal. It's not about me or desire, it's about glorifying Christ. 
    • "Desire can light a fire, but only duty can keep it burning. Hashtag duty calls"
    • Some days, you have to "show up for your marriage" and "go to work"--fulfill your responsibility. Marriage is a lot about giving yourself away. 
    • Romance and reality lead to resentment, regret, and rebellion. Start looking at it as: What can I give and how can I give?
  4. Gifts and Grace
    • The real gift isn't marriage or singleness, it's the grace. And we need grace to do things right/well.