Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Power of "Me Too"

Last  night I really got to see the power of "me too, I get it". Without going into too many details, my anxiety levels last night went through the roof. I've been anxious before but never in my life have I been as anxious as I was last night. Holy goodness. It was all set off by a specific thing, but then I talked to a friend who had similar concussion symptoms and said "me too". She talked about being asked weird questions, showing pretty bad symptoms, etc.

I cannot express enough thank yous to my friend to basically saying that I was normal, I would be okay, and that it can be a really confusing, frightening, scary time. A few of my other friends who have had concussions did not really have any of the symptoms I had, and had more "normal" symptoms. So I was beyond grateful to find someone who said they also had extreme symptoms, out of it for awhile, were asked seemingly inappropriate questions, but all is okay now.

Later in the night, I started to talk much better. Less choppy, almost back to normal. This morning...

...ALMOST ALL BETTER! My speech isn't perfect yet, but it's really close. I'm still a little slow, but not like I was. I walk pretty well now, don't get as tired, but still do get pretty tired.

I had a follow up appt with a PCP today, who was awesome--loved that doctor.

I'm still not cleared to drive or work and have another appt on Monday to get checked again, but it looks like I'm well on the road to recovery and as long as I keep resting and taking it easy for the next few days, hopefully I'll be checked out on Monday and good to do. I will have to figure my schedule out to slow down a little bit, and I will still have to kind of ease back into things.

The PCP did say I showed pretty severe symptoms and she understood why people were so concerned and worried and said she is pretty sure I was just showing signs of severe concussion this past week.

I asked about my extreme thirst and frequent urination (okay, maybe TMI, but this blog has been helpful for me to track my progress) and all the other doctors didn't seem to care, but she is now testing me for DI.

I've had three blood tests, three UA, and six doctor visits in the last seven days. Goodness gracious. While everything has come back pretty normal, it's still seems to be of slight concern as to why I have had such atypical concussion symptoms and why I even fell in the first place.

So hopefully, I will just keep resting, getting better and will be cleared to resume life on Monday. For now, I have doctor's note saying I can't do much from 7/24-8/5.

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