Thursday, July 25, 2013

Health Update

I went into work today, because that's what I do. My supervisor was all upset and big boss came in and was all concerned. I took some meds, got a little loopy and pretty disoriented again. They called my aunt, called the hospital, and I had to go back to the ER.

They're pretty sure I was just reacting to the drug (Vicodin) since I wasn't used to heavy narcotics..although even after 8 hours, I was still pretty out of it. They think it was because I was concentrating too hard and are amazed I was able to drive to work. They also determined that I have a concussion. I had to have a CT scan, where I felt like I was on a roller coaster. But they said it was normal.

The nurses were very nice. This morning, I was concerned because I didn't have tennis shoes on. My colleague said that should be the least of your worries right now. But it wasn't. For the last 5 hours all I have said basically over and over is "my house is a mess". That's all I can focus on. I have to have someone watch me for awhile, including overnight.

My nose is looking really bad now, and it looks like I have two black eyes. It's getting really swollen.

I have a concussion. I have a broken nose.

But I still feel like the boy who cried wolf. 

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