Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My mom is here now because she very worried, and so she can better talk to doctors. I be okay. 
I do not slur my words, no I do not. But I do miss words but my words are clear more now. Worst part is I think way I talk, but I know wrong but too work to change. 

I go to nose doctor today and tomorrow I go to normal doctor. Yesterday I was awake for very long time. I walk at airport to get my mom but after standing for like thirty minutes I got very woozy again. 

I affirm many times and say like
yes, that is very true, yes, yes so very true 
And I do not like that because I do not talk like that. I do not use contractions either, no I do not. I ask doctor tomorrow. 

Easier to type than to talk, much less work. But I do much better now. 

My aunt laughed very hard when I say I sound like 4 year old. Later in day I sound like robot. Then like English my second language.

I think I normal concussion. Yes, I normal and I responsible and I not stupid.

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