Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Story

I grew up believing I didn't have a story, and if I did, my story didn't matter. The people's whose stories that mattered were people like Paul, the dude in the Bible who used to murder Christians, only to be blinded for a few days,  had a profound encounter with God, and become one of the most faithful followers of Christ. People who clearly changed, like "I once was a drug addict and had no hope, and now I do, because of Jesus."

And my thought would be, "I once was a good kid and had hope, and now I have Jesus and am still a good kid and have hope." What a great disservice that is to God. My belief that I don't have a story is utterly ridiculous. Because when I became a Christ Follower, everything radically shifted. Some things were immediate, some are taking more time. But there is a vast difference in who I was before Christ and who I am with Christ. I'm not who I was. Jesus changed me.

Before Jesus, I defined my worth in people's opinions and my performance.
With Jesus, my worth is defined by Him.

Before Jesus, I only loved America.
With Jesus, I learned to love the world.

Before Jesus, I was bound by the chains of my sin.
With Jesus, I am free from the bondage.

Before Jesus, I just did what I was told.
With Jesus, I rationally understood my beliefs.

Before Jesus, I was simply a "good kid".
With Jesus, I did good things because of my love for Jesus.

Before Jesus, I thought to be imperfect meant to not be loved.
With Jesus, I learned that I am imperfect, and I am still loved.

Before Jesus, love was conditional.
With Jesus, there is agape love.

Before Jesus, I was full of regret and doubt.
With Jesus, I am restored with hope and forgiveness.

Matthew West: Hello, My Name Is


  1. Love this!!! So true! And this song is one of my favorites right now!


  2. I love your story, friend. I love hearing peoples stories, and always wanted one of my own... and its been recent that I realized I had one.