Monday, January 26, 2015


I chose to do this again! Click here for the original one!

Freud is a hoot. He's a whacky dude with horrible writing skills (Have you read Civilization and its Discontents?!) and fascinating ideas. In my Social Psychology class, we did a projection test and we're going to try it here so you can do it too, if you'd like. Freud is all about the unconscious and tapping into it, and that's precisely what this test aims to do.

How To Do It
1. Get comfortable. Lay down, close your eyes, kick off your (Sunday) shoes, whatever you need to do.
2. Breathe deeply.
3. Focus on your breathing...breathe and relax for like 5 minutes.
4. Picture yourself on a cloud..a very light, fluffy, and comfortable cloud.
5. You're entering a new land...what does the land look like?
6. Get off the cloud and keep moving forward until you run into water--it can be any kind of water. What kind of water is it?
7. Continue to go forward until you see an animal. Describe the animal.
8. Keep going until you see a structure. What kind of structure is it? Describe it.
9. Continue see an object ahead. Again, you see an object ahead. It's a special object--what is it?

New Land

  • What I saw: Marsh, kind of swampy, lot of dead grass, could be cool, but not really. 
  • Freud says: Summation of current life...what I saw resembles my life now. 
  • What that might mean (My interpretation with Freud's ideas): Ha, um. Life could be seen as cool, but it's not really. There is a lot of room to move about, but in no way is it actual growth. And if I stay too long I could get stuck (like swampy...)

  • What I saw: The it was like damp and mushy, but not like a pond. There wasn't actual water, but could flood...
  • Freud says: It resembles sex
  • What It might mean: Not as insightful as my first time doing this! I guess it So basically the sex isn't happening but when it does, it..will. Hahaha. Hashtag married life. 

  • What I saw: Zebra..wild, free, well groomed 
  • Freud says: This is my alter ego
  • What it might mean: Yay!!!

  • What I saw: A dilapidated shack with nothing around it. I tried to look for a different structure, but that was it. It was broken down.  
  • Freud says: How I feel about society and my place in it.
  • What it might mean: Wow, my views of the world have changed significantly. So...feeling like there's nothing that can be done, feeling alone, feeling like no point in fighting. Feeling like society is broken and unfixable. 

Special Object
  • What I saw: An abstract piece of art. 
  • Freud says: Resembles a future...could be mine or somebody else's, but usually your own. 
  • What it might mean: Um..can't figure it out? Looks a waste of time.

Anyhoo, that is me, according to Freud round two. 
College Ashley was way more excited about her future that's for sure...

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