Sunday, February 1, 2015


We just started a new series at Velocity Church called Heartthrob. I'm super stoked because it's about one of my favorite topics: Love, Marriage, Relationships, and Sex. So Imma just type my written notes here. The podcast is probably up on the site, if you wanna hear the original message. It was also mentioned that this is only if you want to approach it God's way. You have options, you don't have to do this.

It was around 1 Corinthians 7.

    • A lot of people view the Church of "you're not 'getting any', so you can't 'get any' either", but that's not within the context at all. 
  1. Important to discuss questions and issues. Paul didn't shy away from it. 
    • There's a big difference between our questions and issues. God is more interested in dealing with our issues than answering our questions. 
    • Paul starts 1 Corinthians as dealing with some of the issues first (first six chapters), before answering questions (chapter 7). The issues are sometimes the questions we should be asking, but haven't. 
    • "We've got issues...more issues than Vogue"
    • Culture provides a lot of "tips/tricks", but doesn't really deal with the issues.
  2. It's good and okay to be single--it's not better or worse than being married. Sometimes we treat those who are single as second class citizens, not good enough yet, not yet whole and we need to do better than that because it's not true. Singles are whole and can have fulfilling relationships with other people. Paul discusses suggestions and standards.
    • 1 Corinthians 7:2: If you're not married, you don't get to have sex. God gives boundaries with blessings. We all believe there is such as thing as sexual immorality (re: abuse, violations, incest, etc.) we just want to put our own boundaries on it. If you're dating, he's not your husband. If you're engaged, he's not your husband. 
    • Not trying to shame anyone, we're not about shaming. It's about trying to encourage people to raise the standard. 
  3. Desire and duty. 1 Corinthians 7:3
    • It's not the most romantic language--it's not talking about desire; desire is a byproduct of the relationship, not a goal. It's not about me or desire, it's about glorifying Christ. 
    • "Desire can light a fire, but only duty can keep it burning. Hashtag duty calls"
    • Some days, you have to "show up for your marriage" and "go to work"--fulfill your responsibility. Marriage is a lot about giving yourself away. 
    • Romance and reality lead to resentment, regret, and rebellion. Start looking at it as: What can I give and how can I give?
  4. Gifts and Grace
    • The real gift isn't marriage or singleness, it's the grace. And we need grace to do things right/well. 

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