Sunday, January 11, 2015


Everyone struggles writing the new year when dating something. (I would presume, anyways). Me...I don't just write the previous year..I sometimes subtract several years. The other day I wrote 2009. Another day I wrote 2005. Another day I wrote 2013 (did that twice). It's only January 11, so that shows you how often my problem is! I do this EVERY YEAR. I just start writing numbers or something...I don't know. Luckily it's all been in the 21st century, so I get the first two numbers right!

Anyways, new years calls for new years resolutions. Sort of. I don't ever make them. I actually hate goals, which is pretty much what new years resolutions are...
But, after the first week of new years, I typically decide to make some kind of list, which is what happened. So for 2015, here is my list.

Directly from my journal, dated with the correct year the first time. Booyah! 

  • Prayer life
    • Understanding what it truly means to come into the presence of God. Have honest communication to/with the King. To not get so unfocused or so busy. 
  • Sharing the gospel
    • I'm good at talking about Church, or about Jesus, but not necessarily truly of who He is or what He did and what it means. People know I'm a Christian, but not what that really means. 
  • Be bold
    • Do small things on a regular basis that challenge me. Don't always take the easy route. Don't always take the fast road. 
  • Be uncomfortable
    • Always be safe, but uncomfortable. Out of my comfort zone, out of my own world, outside of myself. 
  • Yearn for Christ
    • Shane and Shane lyrics: Lord, I want to yearn for you. I want to burn with passion. Only you. 
    • This is my desire, my cry, my passion. 
  • Relentless
    • Word of the year. I don't want to relent, to stop pursuing. Always hold accountability for self/others. 

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