Friday, January 23, 2015

Come As You Are

I have been hooked onto this song for the past few weeks... "Come As You Are" by David Crowder Band.

Come out of sadness, wherever you've been...
...Lay down your burdens, lay down your shame
All who are broken, lift up your face.
Oh wanderer, come home
You're not too far. 
So lay down your hurt, lay down your heart
Come as you are.

It's such a beautiful reminder of the grace and love and forgiveness that Jesus gives us. He loves us, desires us, and wants us to be with Him. And no matter what we do/don't do, say/don't say, think/don't think, agree with/disagree with, screw up, or mess up, He says to come as we are. 

We don't have to wait to get our life all together before coming to Jesus. I think I forget this way too often. I get more focused on people's behaviors than I do on their hearts. I want them to get "fixed", "do better", and THEN they can come to Jesus. I think, "You're not worthy until you do x,y,z. Once you do that, maybe then the gospel can make a difference." 

What the filth? That's wrong, Ashley. I've got it backwards. Jesus first. Because Jesus changed everything. Yes, our thoughts and behaviors matter. But more importantly, our hearts. And I do think that when we choose Jesus, we yearn to have things aligned with Him. 

I need a constant reminder that all people are worthy. Right now, as they are. No matter who they are. No matter what they are doing. No matter what is going on in their life right now. They're still invited to the table of grace, they're still invited to know Jesus. 

I love the line "all who are broken, lift up your face". Because when we have shame, we naturally hide our faces. And this is a reminder that there is no shame with Jesus. Grace, love, forgiveness, mercifulness. We are invited to come as we are. Just as we are. Right now. Even with that dirty thought. Even with that foul language. Even with that alcohol abuse. We can come as we are, right now. Because Jesus paid it all and he loves us and He desperately wants us to experience the goodness of God. 

We're not worthy when we make good choices. We are worthy because Jesus said we are. So no matter who you are, what you just did, you're still invited to get to know Jesus. And that's just cool. 

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