Friday, November 14, 2014

Your Academics

Brag time.

I went to a private kindergarten. My dad was the director of the place, so that was cool, My teacher hated me, that wasn't cool. I don't know why, but the only thing I remember about kindergarten was that my teacher hated me. My parents will back me up on that. I wasn't very good at kindergarten...I think the teacher thought I wasn't very bright, because that's the time you learn how to write and cut and paste and color. And I STILL haven't mastered any of that, pretty sure because my teacher was mean.

1-5 Grade
I was a rock star, no joke. Maybe not first grade, I was still scarred from kindergarten and was now at a public school in a newish school district and the school had only been open a year, and I was super shy, apparently. And second grade was a joke, I don't remember much from there.

But third-fifth grade, I was a rock star. Academic wise, we did accelerated reading (AR) challenges, I always tore those up (not literally, using 90's lingo. Re: I kicked butt). I won a racoon in the fourth grade because I wrote the best story (he was a puppet and he was cute). I was one of the spelling bee champs every year, also. Academic life 3-5 grade was bomb.

6-8 Grade
I struggled in 6th grade. I was at a brand new school and didn't really like one of my teachers, which just makes life hard when you don't like your teachers. I did kick butt in math class though, and that was the beginning of my love for math. 7th and 8th, I adjusted, had bomb teachers, and did pretty dang well. And kept kicking butt in math class. I was awarded some math award for our team at 8th grade promotion.

9th Grade (Freshman!)
This school wasn't all that new (like..4 years old). I took two honors classes, English and World History. Honors World History was one of the hardest classes I've ever had. I thought I was going to fail. I got a C at quarter, B for semester. I remember. The teacher told me that honors wasn't for everyone and maybe not right for me. Pretty sure she got fired later because she was mean to people... could be making that up. Anyways, other than that class, all A's. Sup. Oh yeah, and took geometry. I was one of three freshmen in the class. I remember those tests and the class. Because I was definitely the highest scorer on every one of them. Because I loved math.

10-12 Grade 
Switched schools, brand new school. Kept my steady pace of 2 Honors/AP classes a semester. (Which I believed to show I was dedicated, but not obsessed.) Tenth grade, had another bomb math teacher and did decent. I didn't rock AS hard, it was a little more complicated, but pretty sure I still did well, and I still liked math by the end of it. 11th grade though, started to hate math and by the 12th grade, math was the worst thing in my life (exaggeration, but still). Writing was always my favorite thing, though. 11th grade English class, one of the best classes ever. Again, the teacher.

My high school counselors tried to convince me to apply to ivy league schools. They told me I was one of the only students that they really believed I could do literally almost anything in the world and could excel. I just assumed they told that to everyone.

I remember senior year, a lot of our class dropped out/switched schools/I don't know what, and I was so made because while my specific class ranking never changed, the percentage did. Because being 4th in the class out of 70 isn't as impressive as what it could have been.

Weighted GPA, which is all I know, 4.4 in high school.

K-12, Overall:
When I graduated high school, I loved school. I was good at school.
I loved math, until 11th grade. (Precalculus and calculus ruined it for me.)
I have always hated all science.
I have always hated world history.
I have always loved English/writing classes.
I have never had good hand writing.
I don't have fine motor skills. Now we know why.
Teachers are vital to the learning experience, not just the learning process.

College: Bachelor(ette) Life
I started college with zero credits (no AP or dual enrollment). I averaged 17-18 units every semester in college. One semester, I took 21. Another, 19. I graduated well over the necessary 120 credits and within 4 years. Two totally separate majors and a different minor.
I had a semester where I just hated everything and didn't go to class, like...ever. Junior year, maybe? It was a rough time. I got a lot more B's in college than before. (I think I got two B's in high school.)
I worked hard in college. I think the GPA was around 3.67.
I didn't think I'd get into grad school.

But I did.

College: Grad School 
Way easier than college the first time. Except then I got that brain injury and that made my life really hard. Almost got a 4.0. But during the brain injury time, I got an A- and it's a weighted scale. 3.98, instead.

School Life is the Life for Me
But graduated with a high school diploma, two bachelor's degrees, master's degree, and gained professional licensure by the time I was 23, so that's cool.
I got a lot of academic awards during elementary and middle school, because that was the best time of my life. I peaked in middle school, pretty sure. :)

I would be willing to bet that I turned in no more than 3 papers late in my entire academic career, all with approval. I have never missed a test date, ever. My total absences from school (1-12 grade) was less than an average person within 4 years.

I showed up to class. I took notes. I read. I did my homework. I enjoyed school. And that's basically my academic life.
I was dedicated, but not obsessed, as mentioned earlier. I didn't get straight A's all the time, but got more A's than anything else. I do better than above average, not as good as crazy, genius smart. 

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