Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something That You're Proud Of

Immediately, my mind went to tangible type accomplishments when I read this. I knew that I didn't want to write about any of those though, I wanted to write about something I've learned, rather than an achievement...

Because today is election day (yay, voting!!!!), I'll use this time to talk about America!

This song gets me every single time. Every. Single. Time.
I really am proud to be an American. I have several posts about it. I love the republic of the United States of America.

I love that Americans can vote.
I love that people know about America.
I love that it's a country that people look to and respect.
I love that we have the police who actually are here to protect and serve.
I love that we have checks and balances.
I love that we have a President and we can elect them and we can impeach them and we can have a say in who he/she is and influence policy.
I love that I can go to any athletic event.
I love that I can go travel between the states without any trouble.
I love that there is such thing as national debate, because that means people can debate.
I love that people can start a campaign.
I love that people can research things.
I love that people can go to school.
I love that education is encouraged.
I love American food.

We have 24 hour donut shops, hotlines, emergency help, mass transit, TV news, sports broadcasting.
You can eat so much here!
Drive thrus!!

I wrote this letter to North America a few years ago:

Dear North America,

I love you a lot. I have been living on your territory my entire life and seriously enjoy it. You are the continent that is just superb in every way. You are the continent that makes me the most proud, to be honest. North America, I am astonished by your ability to be the world’s leader and to be the home of countries that the rest of the world looks up to.

I love the United States of America. The USA is an incredibly interesting place, as it is a place of pride and leadership, however it so often seems to lack humility. Americans are often seen as people who know everything and can achieve anything. Sometimes Americans get that idea in their heads as well and that often leads to trouble. North America…stop. Just stop thinking you know everything and that you don’t ever need help. Yes, you are amazing and revered throughout the world. Yes, you have power and a strong influence on others. But you can’t do it alone. Americans, start learning from others and stop solely teaching. Teach and learn.

Be willing to admit that you need help. Be weary of the fighting you are doing between each other and forgetting about one another. North America, you are a wonderful continent and my personal favorite. You are so admired, so step up and lead by example. You are loved North America—start accepting that love.

James Watson, scientist (Interviewed in 2007)

For all my life, America was the place to be. And we somehow continue to be the place where there are real opportunities to change the world for the better."

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