Friday, March 8, 2013


A guy told me the other day, "Of course I watch porn, what guy doesn't?"

Last year in class, a girl said, "I don't know of any guys in my life who don't watch porn."

These statements fascinate me. Right now, I'm listening to a live stream about pornography . And then, I'm going to watch a TED talk about porn (click on them for links). This week, I gave a presentation about porn.

Porn is one of those super taboo subjects that we either don't talk about it or just accept it as is and don't care about it.

This isn't about judgment.
This isn't about shame.
This isn't about guilt.

It's about education.
It's about vulnerability.
It's about being real.

When we're being real, we realize that no, actually, not all guys watch porn. And no, it's not just a guy issue. When we become educated, we realize that porn seriously affects our sex lives. We see that porn is being used as the only real form of sex education. When we're vulnerable and transparent, we see that, actually, porn isn't as healthy as what it seems. And there are more negative and detrimental impacts than what it seems like.

I don't think we talk about porn because it's a shameful subject. But it's not about shame. This is about grace. 

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