Saturday, March 23, 2013

Done at 30?

I have no idea where I got this thought from, but it is one of the most damaging thoughts I have ever had.

My entire life will be over by the age of 30.

Isn't that a weird idea?! Like seriously, where did it come from? I just recently told that to a friend of mine, and he was started laughing. Because it's weird. And it's damaging. And I have no idea how to deconstruct that thought and then reconstruct.

I don't think I'm young. I think I'm old. I think my time is almost up. I only have a few more years left and then my life is over.

I'm talking like, over. Like I just assume I'll be dead by 30. Some people may think it may be motivating, so I'll get on top of my crap and push to do a bunch of things before "the end of my life", but it's not. It's just..damaging. I don't allow myself to dream, because I don't have enough time. I don't allow myself to do a lot of things, because my time is almost up.

It's super weird. And it's not something I transfer to other people, necessarily. And obviously the average life span isn't 30, so it's not like there's any supporting evidence of this.

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