Sunday, March 10, 2013

High School Flashback

Almost all of my friends from college are/were from Res Life world or teachers. I actually cannot think of one friend who isn't one of those at the moment... So, since so many of them are either currently student teaching or in their first year, I think about student teaching a lot.

And I keep thinking of one incident in particular. It was my senior year of high school in my American Government class. I don't even remember the student teacher's name or what she looked like or anything about her, I just remember this one incident. I don't even remember if she was first or second semester..I think second, but not really sure.

She had us sit alphabetically by last name (seriously...high school seniors..), which meant I got to sit next to my awesome friend Sam, whom I refer to as Sammy. The student teacher (ST) gave us some assignment, where we had to read something or other on our laptops. I was always super responsible and never had any issues with my computer. Sammy was the opposite and always had issues with her computer. (By the way, we all had laptops instead of books.) Therefore, for this assignment, it made the most sense for Sammy to read with her neighbor (me) and I think the ST knew this was a terrible awesome idea.

Sammy and I liked to laugh and we liked to make things fun when we thought they were boring. So, we laughed when reading. We joked, we asked each other questions, we digested the reading together. We actually were completely on topic, but the ST thought we were being distracting and a nuisance. She came over no less than 7 times to tell us to knock it off. She told us that what she gave us wasn't interesting, so she didn't understand how we could be laughing. I don't know/remember if either of us were brave enough to say, "We know it's not interesting, that's why we're making it interesting, because you kind of suck at making this cool."

Needless to say, after the period was over, she called us up to "talk to her after class" and she told us how we were terrible students.

I'm almost positive that's the only time I've been told I'm a terrible student.

Below is a picture of Sammy Slamma Jamma and myself.
Both of us graduated high school. Both of us graduated from college. Both of us kicked butt. Both of us made things fun. Both of us value laughter. Both of us are actually really good students. And both of us are respectful.

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  1. Ha um. I'm pretty sure I've never told a student they were terrible. I've called some of them out, now that we have a relationship to stand on, but terrible student? Not motivating.

    On another note, student teaching turns out to be one of the most taxing and difficult things thus far, especially emotionally. I think we all make lots of mistakes before we become the wonderful teachers we set out to be. I know I've made my fair share! Maybe she came around eventually. :)