Saturday, March 23, 2013

Not Enough

Not enough.

We live in a "not enough" culture.

Not thin enough.
Not smart enough.
Not strong enough.
Not tall enough.
Not short enough.
Not talented enough.
Not pretty enough.
Not fast enough.
Not brave enough.
Not courageous enough.
Not creative enough.

At the bottom.
Not worthy enough.
Simply, not enough.

That's the culture we live in, that's what we're surrounded by. There's all these self help books of how to gain what you don't have. How to become what you aren't yet. How to be better, because right now, you're not good enough.

Talk about wearing. I'm not saying we can't and shouldn't always be improving. We can and we should. Improve, grow, learn--all necessary and good things. But if the foundation is because you aren't enough as opposed to a foundation of you are enough, that foundation will make a radical difference in the way in which you improve, grow, and learn.

The other day I talked about needing irresponsible people in my life. What I really need are people who are willing to pull out their shovels when talking with me to dig deep. That's what I think we all need. We need shovels. We need dump trucks, to dump a whole bunch of stuff. We need bulldozers to clear through it. And shovels to dig deep.

Next time you meet a friend at a coffee shop, show up with those three things and bring enough to share with your friend.

And PS.
You are enough.
You are worthy enough. 

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