Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Musings on Mark

My musings on the book of Mark, the second Gospel in the Bible (New Testament).
There's a lot in there that I understand how so many people can read it and get something different out of it.

  • Mark writes like a no-nonsense guy
  • Jesus liked close knit groups (Mark 3:7)
  • Jesus answers our questions (Mark 4:10, 34)
  • Jesus explains laws of Old Testament and laws of new covenant (Mark 7:6-23)
  • Jesus explains how people can/do twist or use the Bible to further their own agenda (Mark 7:8-13)
  • Jesus has so many human characteristics, reminding us that He was fully human--he expressed a myriad of emotions, slept, ate, sighed. 
  • Jesus raises the standard for marriage and relationships. 
  • Jesus performed miracles when purposeful (v. 52)
  • Jesus asks us to share our hearts/desires with him. 
  • Jesus believes in servitude, serving others, humility. 
  • The Pharisees described him as a man of integrity (12:14)

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