Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jottings on John

I'm really pleased with my alliteration on these!
I read through the Gospels, and these are just some of my own summation of points I got from the Gospels. John is the fourth and final Gospel. I don't specifically discuss stories or content, just my own thoughts/themes.


  • Can't talk about light without talking about darkness
  • John doesn't demand we blindly agree. 
  • Important to know scripture. 
  • People liked spending time with Jesus. 
  • Jesus calls on us personally; he cares about us as individuals. 
  • Ch 2: Used something gross and made it wonderful. 
  • Jesus didn't use the whip to harm, he used it to lead animals. 
  • There is such a thing as righteous anger. 
  • Jesus gets to the heart of issues. 
  • Jesus crossed barriers. 
  • Jesus uses simple situations to glorify God. 
  • Jesus gets tired. 
  • Jesus gently confronts. 
  • Jesus meets us where we're at. 
  • Jesus loves women. 
  • The first time he states that He's the messiah is to a Samaritan woman
    • Non-jew. Bad rep. Woman. 
  • Acknowledge we have needs. 
  • Don't blindly follow the law. 
  • Change is scary. 
  • When Jesus performed miracles, didn't want focus on miracle, wanted it on Him. 
  • Jesus' disciples had mixture of doubt and faith. And that's okay. 
  • Hashtag introvert tendencies. 
  • I love that the Bible shows the wrestling and grappling of people (7:40-52)
  • Disabilities aren't punishment. 
  • Jesus cries. 
  • Following the Gospel isn't easy--cross has death and Jesus asks us to die before Him. 
  • Jesus feels pain. He feels with us. 
  • Sin has to be dealt with. 
  • Be humble enough to let others help. 
  • Jesus is an advocate, defender, and is there for people. (14:16). 
  • All of the disciples saw his wounds, not just Thomas. 
  • Thomas expressed his doubts and God revealed himself to Thomas. 

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