Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Black lives matter, black lives matter, black lives matter.
Black lives matter.

Are we hearing this? Seeing it? Believing it?
Because black lives matter.

Yes, all lives also matter, but right now, black lives matter. I love the analogy in this article because it helps put it into perspective:
It's like calling 911 and saying someone is breaking into your house and you start to provide them your address and the operator says, "All houses matter, not just yours" and you are so confused, because No duh, all houses matter, but right now it's your house getting broken into and your house needs attention and help. 

So yes, all lives matter. But right now, our friends of color need attention and help and support.

"So finding those opportunities in everyday life that you can actually wield your privilege rather than trying to excuse it away or justify it. That aligns you as an ally."

I've had my own white privileged perspective (WPP) my whole life, and it has developed and gotten wider and brighter and more colorful as I've grown, gone to various places in the world, immersed myself into cultures, broadened my horizons, interacted with people, educated myself, and been vulnerable with myself and others, and acknowledged my WPP.

My own WPP said, Hey, some people are racists but few people are. Most people are wonderful and great and kind. 

My own WPP said, Hey, people really are equal...for the most part. 

My own WPP said, Hey, people need to work hard and then they can get ahead and do well in life. 

My own WPP said a lot of things. And it still says things from time to time. Because I don't always understand. And I'm not always perfect and great. But what I'm getting way better at, and actively doing, is recognizing my white privilege, stopping myself and reflecting, reframing, and being more of an advocate and ally for people of color.

Because black lives matter.

So with my white privilege I'm in a unique position to do something, and that's to align myself with the cause. To align myself and declare that black lives matter.

And I believe Jesus would say black lives matter. If I didn't believe He would, I'd seriously be questioning my commitment and faith. But I'm all in and fully committed to a God who loves and says, yes, indeed, black lives matter.

Black. Lives. Matter. 

Jesus Would Say Black Lives Matter:
Jesus would say Black Lives Matter

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