Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your Family

When I think of my family, I usually just think of my immediate family. We moved away from the rest of my family when I was little--like 1200 miles away. Growing up, it was always just the four of us.

My parents have been married longer than I've been alive and have one of the healthiest marriages ever. I can't even think of any screaming matches between them. They never talk poorly about each other, never tear the other down, never try to make the other jealous, never demean the other...it's incredible. They are constantly lifting each other up, seeking the other's opinion, and involved in each other's lives. They spend hours every day talking about their days to each other, actively listening to each other. They always showed physical affection, in the cute, simple ways. Above all, they love each other more than they love my brother and me. And that's one of the most beautiful things ever.

My broha is incredible. He just started college! He's a college boy now. He's super, super, kind and friggin' hilarious. I always thought he was tall, but realized that I only really saw him around our family...turns out, he's actually kind of short! Regardless, he's a good lookin' kid, the stud of the family, really. I always joke that he's only cool because of me, and let's be real, that's the truth. (Hashtag noitsnot) People have asked if we're twins (we're not) and people have asked if we've always been close and people have asked if we're always this cool (we have been). He brings out the fun in me and one of my favorite persons to spend time with.

Also, my parents are now empty nesters!

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