Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bullet Your Whole Day

I kept starting this and not be able to finish. So, I'll bullet my Saturday, hope that's cool...

  • Four alarms went off before 7am.
  • I finally got myself out of bed, but was afraid I was late.
  • Couldn't remember if the event was at 8 or 830.
  • I got dressed and ran out to the car to get the paper with information. 
  • 830, phew. 
  • Got ready, jumped in car, headed west. 
  • Almost got lost, but didn't.
  • Had a "fun day" with the police. 
  • Learned about the K9 unit
  • Talked to the guy who has a drug dog. 
  • Talked to the guy who has a bomb dog. 
  • Learned stuff about training dogs. 
  • Watched them train dogs.
  • It was really cold. 
  • Learned about guns.
  • Shot my first gun. It was a pistol. 
  • Shot my second gun. It was a rifle. 
  • Ate some donuts.
  • Went to the police lodge.
  • Had a delicious meal. 
  • It was chicken salad, BBQ, a lot of fruit
  • Went to the race track parking lot. 
  • Sort of learned how to drive like a police.
  • Drove their cars. 
  • Did the backing up challenge twice. 
  • Then, did the fast driving challenge.
  • 35, 40, and 45mph. 
  • They call out a lane (there were 4), you had limited time to get up to speed, then they changed the lane, so had to swerve to the actual lane, and then called out another lane and had to swerve other there.
  • Weren't allowed to hit the brakes. 
  • The first time, I spun out and did a 360. 
  • My passenger told me I was going 35, right on target. 
  • Radar had us at 52mph. Too fast to swerve...
  • It was terrifying/super fun.
  • Did 3 more runs. 
  • Rode in the car with a police driving and he did several J turns
  • Like in the movies, where you go backwards one way, swerve around and drive forward.
  • Then he did donuts. 
  • Then, I drove home. 
  • I was supposed to have dinner with 5 friends from school.
  • It got cancelled. 
  • I was debating about what to do, it was around 5pm. 
  • I was exhausted from the day. And week. And life. 
  • I decided to bathe, get into PJs, and watch "The West Wing" and veg out. 
  • It was awesome. 
  • I also did pretty much all of my laundry. 
  • My sheets are clean, made my bed.
  • Didn't text or talk to anyone all night. 
  • Just laid on the couch and watched TV. 
  • Actually, that's a lie.
  • I got hungry and decided I just wanted some Taco Bell.
  • I drove to Taco Bell, went through the drive thru.
  • Came back and then ate my food and watched more TV.
  • Then, I went to bed. 

That was my day!
Basically, got to shoot guns, drive police cars, and watched "The West Wing".

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  1. You have me hooked on the west wing. Seriously! Anita