Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kind of a Big Deal

Today is Easter! Orrrr, better known as Resurrection Sunday. is kind of a big deal.

Basically. My Jesus was born miraculously. Then He lives this perfect life and does all kinds of cool things. And then. This is the part that really blows my mind. Then. He dies on the cross. For no other reason other than He loves you. He loves me. He loves us. He takes that one step further. And conquers the grave. He raises from the dead. Crazy talk! Death couldn't hold Him down.

Here's the deal. The cross, that thing that happened 2,000 years ago, changed everything. That cross changes everything. It's kind of a big deal. My Jesus, my God. He's kind of a big deal. When He died, He took on everything. Every sin. Every little sin, every big sin. Everything that we feel guilty about, feel ashamed of. He took that on and forgave them in full.

We are no longer bound by law, by sin, by shame. Rather, because of what He did, we are free. We are forgiven, loved, and free. Not because of the good thing we did or can do, but because Jesus died on the cross and rose again.

My God is alive. My Redeemer Lives. And that's a huge deal. He changed everything when He died and rose again. 

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