Friday, April 15, 2011

We Are In This Together

India! Below is something I made, summing up the trip to India. I made it on a program I had never used before (iWeb) and so I had to print it and then scan it in order for me to show it to others. I apologize for it looking so faint! I have a support letter that you can have if you would like, detailing the trip and reasons for going.

There are two ways in which I need support.

1. Prayer Support

    • Pray that God will prepare my heart before departure
    • Pray for the team's safety while there
    • Pray that all of our financial needs will be met
    • Pray that I will be prepared with vaccinations, visa, travel info
    • Pray that the team will bond and support one another
    • Pray for our strength, as we prepare to go and while we are in India
    • Pray that we will shower unconditional love on those we meet
2. Financial Support

    • All donations are tax deductible
      • Make checks out to Adventures in Missions
    • By mail
      • Ashley Coulter
      • PO Box 6500
      • Flagstaff, AZ 86011
    • Online

In a previous post, I discussed why I love money. I love money because it forces me to be humble. I love money because it allows anyone and everyone to get involved. I love money because it can empower people. I love money because it shows that I can't do this alone, that we are all in this together. 

By donating and helping fund this trip, you are trusting me to love on these girls in India. You are trusting me to represent America, Christ, and the Church well. 

This blog started by me wanting to tell the world about my God. It's called "Dear World...I love you" for a reason. I want to act out what I write. I want to live out loud. I don't want to just write about things, just talk about things, I want to move. You can be part of this movement with me. 

Support: Give assistance to; enable to act. 

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