Thursday, February 19, 2015


I'm a person who thrives off of checklists. I'll add things to a list if I've already done them so I can check it off. I get a thrill, a relief, a rush. I wonder if it's how "thrill seekers" feel when they go on a crazy roller coaster...I get that kind of high when I complete things.

This whole month has been in total limbo and it has been driving me crazy. I've been so stir crazy, because I had no idea what was happening with anything in my life. Literally every single part of my life was up in the air. Shout out to Anita who let me unload nearly every single thing that happened as it was happening.

Anyways, so with everything up in the air, I couldn't start or finish anything. And I also had the flu for like two weeks (I was out basically on bedrest for almost a week, and this past week have just now started to feel a little bit better). I was getting stir crazy, as well as crazy and afoeuiraufiuajsifj with everything happening (or not happening).

While I was sick, I had to make a goal. so my goal was to get through as many episodes of Friends as possible...I got through 4 seasons (I was at the end of season 1, now at the end of season 5) in just 4 days. And then the other day, I decided to go to the library and get a bunch of CDs and some books. And I've been focused on that. My new project/goal/checklists has consisted of uploading all the CDs and reading the books.

On total accident, I'm in the middle of 5 books, and then my friend just dropped off another book for me. I get stir crazy, I set crazy goals (like read all 5 books in 2 weeks), and check things off. And then I feel so much better about life.

I saw a friend the other day and they asked how my day was and I shouted out, "Oh my gosh, so great!! I was so productive, I got to check everything off my list!!" I was ecstatic, overjoyed, over the moon. Because I was finally, for the first time all month, getting to complete goals.

This week, that means reading and uploading CDs. 

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