Monday, September 29, 2014

Something I Feel Strongly About

Let's make a list of some possibilities. The funny, the serious, the profound.

I feel strongly about....

  • Having matching socks. 
    • I refuse to wear socks that don't match. I take the time after each load of laundry to lay them all out and match them. 
  • Not defining a person by what they have.
    • Autistic child versus a child who has autism. 
  • Who Jesus is. 
    • Refer to just about any other post...
  • How great Disney is. 
    • Um, it's awesome. And I hate the things that try to say Disney is corrupting childhood or Disney is bad or Disney is anything less than awesome. 
  • Not wearing brown and black together. 
    • Seriously, it doesn't match. 
  • Using we/us language in a relationship. 
    • Rather than me/I. It's about us, it's about a partnership. 
  • Existence of rape culture.
    • It exists, it's real, and it's awful. A study found that when people meet someone from online/Tinder, women's biggest fear is that they will be physically harmed. Men's biggest fear is that their date will be fat. What the hell?!?! Every single freaking time I would go out somewhere, someone would always make me give all the details until I...well, moved to Kansas, because then no one cared about me when I first got here. Truth. 
  • Being clean. 
    • I'm pretty messy, but I am not dirty. Some people think I am obsessed...I beg to differ. 
  • Google being the best search engine ever. 
    • Um, it is. I love Google. 
  • Always paying your rent/mortgage first. 
    • First. Like, before anything else. 
  • The idea of grace. 
    • It's beautiful and real and lovely. 
  • Rules. 
    • I am kind of a rule follower. I think rules exist for a purpose. 
  • Jaywalking. 
    • Don't do it. I'm so against jaywalking. Partially because of rules. But also because I am from a city where people die often from jaywalking. If there's a crosswalk within a reasonable distance, freaking use it. If there isn't a crosswalk, wait until there aren't any cars. No driver should ever be concerned about hitting someone who is walking. Ever. There should be more crosswalks, I agree. And sometimes it's not convenient, but use some empathy and think of you crossing the street from the driver's perspective. 
  • Making lists.
    • Obviously, I love them. 
  • Agape love.
    • That's been discussed here before. Unconditional. Even if. 
  • How awesome The Lion King is.
    • Holla. 
  • The importance of reading.
    • Being illiterate isn't cool. Reading transforms a person, increases empathy, introduces you to new ideas, new ways of life, new ways of thinking. Reading engages the mind, body, and spirit. Reading helps with just about everything in your life. 
  • Senior Exit Project from high school.
    • We had to do an SEP and I'm like the one nerd who loved it and thinks it's like the coolest idea ever...We had to pick a potential career, shadow someone in it for a certain number of hours, write a paper, do a mock interview, give a presentation, and some other things, I think. It gives you an idea of what you do/don't want to do and it gives you practice of doing important job like refining your writing skills, interviewing, presenting...
  • Taking finals.
    • They are the worst and I hate them. Seriously, if I already earned whatever grade I have after 14 weeks of school, I've already (hopefully) proven it to you. Finals are stupid and just extra nonsense stress. I loved when teachers gave us an optional final, that makes sense to me. Or finals that can't hurt your grade....finals are just terrible and I am willing to advocate against them. 
  • Importance of homework.
    • On the flip side, I love the idea of homework. Busy work is stupid, but legitimate homework is worthwhile. Practicing and learning things is great. 
  • America.
    • I can direct you to other posts if you'd like. 
  • The necessity of vulnerability. 
    • Also, has been discussed before. 
  • The importance of having a solid role model. 
    • Have a mentor or mentors who push you, guide you, encourage you, love you, and hold you accountable. 
  • The influence of the people you surround yourself with.
    • Research is leaning towards the concept of we are the combination of the five people we spend the most time with. I have people write down two adjectives for each of the five persons and those ten words are likely how people see yo. 
  • Using critical thinking skills. 
    • So important. Don't just look at the surface level of anything, look deeper, question. Be critical! 
  • Not asking dumb questions. 
    • There is such thing as a dumb question. And if you ask me one, I will likely point it out. 
  • Always smelling good. 
    • I love when people tell me I smell good or my area (office/room/home) smells good. Smelling bad is just the worst, almost worse than finals! 
  • Making showering a priority. 
    • This partially goes with the cleaning thing, although that I was more referring to Clorox and stuff..It's like that meme that says, "Motivation doesn't last...neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily."
  • Being a disciple of Christ. 
    • I want to be Christ like. I want to exude who Christ is. 
  • My relationship with Christ. 
    • Whole purpose of this blog, really. It's real, it's raw, I struggle, I question, I doubt. This is my core, though. 
  • Excelling. 
    • I want and choose to excel in all I do. I don't want to just be. I want to be awesome. 
So, these are things I care about. Usually I won't engage in serious discussion, but most of these you'll realize how much I care about them within the first week of knowing me. This is like my top list of things I'm passionate about, will discuss, and have a strong opinion on. 

It would take me a loooong time to write about all of them, and really, I have written and/or mentioned most of these. If there's any of these in particular you want to hear about, lemme know. Actually, I will go ahead and go back and briefly write a blurb, about each one. Although, since I have this at the end, that probably means you already read the blurbs, so now you just get to see my whole thought process=)


  1. Love this! Totally agree about dumb questions. And reading. And the 5
    People. And apparently I like lists. K done. -Anita

  2. Matching socks not so much. But I can see you sitting and doing that! Anita