Sunday, September 28, 2014

Five Ways to Win My Heart

I kind of like "win my heart", as if it's up for battle. To win, one must work hard for it, be determined, be skilled, be passionate, be persistent, be in pursuit.
And like with all "winnings", one must constantly defend the honor of the title. Once you win, you have to keep winning. It's not a "won and done" deal.

Two questions need to be addressed:

Is my heart worth winning?

Can I better serve, can I better love, can I better mentor, can I better teach, can I better grow...Essentially, can I do life better with this partnership? 

  1. If someone answers "yes", that my heart is worth winning, and can share why, that's one way to win my heart. 
  2. Show me that we're better together than not.
  3. Be wholly in love with Jesus. 
  4. Know my friends and the people in my life. And vice versa, allow me to know yours.
  5. Hold me accountable. Even when it's hard. Don't let me bully you.

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