Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life Plans

Since I don't like talking about life plans, the future, what I'll be doing next, or anything related at all, it makes nearing graduation superrrr difficult since that is all anyone wants to talk about.

I'll go ahead and put here what's to come, though.

My last day of Practicum is April 25.
My last day of class is May 8.
My hooding ceremony is May 16.
My "walk down the hill" (KU tradition) is May 18.
My little brother's graduation 1200 miles away is May 19.

So here's the basic plan.
My mom is flying out sometime the week of my graduation. Then she'll fly home May 17. My best friend is either flying or driving out sometime that week also. She and I will make the 1200 mile drive to make it to my brother's graduation.

Before I drive to AZ, I'll either be selling or donating my car.
I'm going to pack up all of my things/sell/donate all of my things....which isn't much, really.
Even though I have my house here until July 31 (that's when the lease ends) and I have to pay for it, as of now, I'm not going back to KS. So May 18 is my last day in KS.

So hopefully that clears some things up.

The next big question is my job.
So here's the deal. I will be licensed in KS (LMSW) here shortly. I just have to graduate. And even though there are times I don't think I will, I realize I currently have 100% in all of my courses, so it's pretty safe to say I'll be good.
I can transfer the license to AZ and have dual licensure.
Many people are trying to apply for jobs now and want one lined up right away and some are already starting their careers.

I am not. Here's why:
1. I have to have my time to reflect and think. If I just jump in, I'll never do it.
2. This is the first time in my life where I have the most freedom I have ever had in my entire life. I can literally go anywhere and do almost anything. Yes I have family and friends, but I'm not tied down to any of them. And they know that. I'm only going to AZ for my brother's graduation. And I have to stay because one of my really good friend's is getting married and she would probably actually kill me if I didn't go to her wedding. I could go back to KS, but why make the trip/pay the money if I don't have a super legitimate reason? There have been arguments made, but none are convincing enough.

Back to the whole true freedom thing. My best friend keeps reminding me that I have a professional degree. Every single time I get worried about jobs, she is like, "Ashley. Stop. You have your graduate degree. That holds more weight than you realize, I think." And then she advises me to just slow down. Take some time. Chill out. Enjoy my time with my family. Reconnect with people in AZ. Since I've been in grad school, I've only been home..twice, the longest time a little less than 2 weeks. And while I was in college, I went home on the major breaks, and that was it.

I have more money saved than the average student. I'm not like rolling in the dough by any means, but I've worked hard during college and I'm a good saver and steward with my money. So that eases some of my strain and reduces the immediate pressure of getting a job right away.

Also, I started working when I was 16. With the exception of my freshman year of college, I have never not worked. And even then, I only didn't work during those two academic semesters. But I have worked every winter/summer and spring break in some capacity. So I'm exhausted. And it has taken my best friend several conversations to finally convince me that it is okay to breathe and take a few weeks off. Although, I obviously still feel like I need to justify myself, otherwise I wouldn't have written this paragraph...I clearly still have some growing I need to do..

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