Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear World

Dear World,

I really do love you. I really do care about you. I really do cry with you, laugh with you, rejoice with you, mourn with you. Dear world, I know you're hurting. World, I have been watching the news. I am seeing the destruction that is happening to you right now. Japan, you just had the 5th largest earthquake the world has ever seen since 1900, when earthquakes first began to be recorded, at a magnitude of 8.9. You are still feeling aftershocks, days later. Tsunamis have been widespread across the Pacific Ocean, along the ring of fire. Earlier today, CNN reported that 9,500 people were missing and 801 are confirmed dead in Japan alone. I just read that there are now concerns about nuclear meltdown. There have been many power outages, shortages of food, water, and gas. Your streets, Japan, are littered with debris and contaminated water from the tsunami.

World, some of us stayed up for hours (like 5am) watching this devastation. Reading immediate updates. Not because we didn't have anything else to do--we were tired, we had tests, we had papers, we had to get up early in the morning (like 8am). But simply because we care. We wanted to know what was going on with you, not just to be up to date with news, but because we want to know what we can do. We love you, world.


P.S. There was also a tour bus that was overturned in the Bronx, NY where 13 people died on the morning of Saturday, March 12. So many things are going on

P.P.S. All of my information was from CNN. I get breaking news updates texted to my phone--text Alerts to 26688 to receive them. [Standard text messaging rates apply.]

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