Monday, March 7, 2011

About Me?

1) It begins with a nameMy name is Ashley Lynn Coulter. I go by Ashley. Other fun nicknames I have acquired are Smash, Smashley, and, of course, Ash. Generally though, Ashley is the most commonly used. 

2) The Where.
  • I was born in Kansas City.
  • Most of my extended family lives in the Midwest. 
  • I have lived in Tucson, Arizona (southern Arizona, about 45 minutes from the Mexico border) since I was about four years old. 
  • Moved to Flagstaff, Arizona for school--about five hours north of Tucson.
3) Academia.
  • I graduated high school in May 2008. 
  • I went to a public high school, but we were the first school in the United States (maybe the world, I don't remember) to go completely wireless--we didn't have any textbooks, rather every student and teacher was given an iBook. 
  • I am in my third year (Junior year) at Northern Arizona University (NAU), located in Flagstaff, AZ.
  • I am double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. 
  • Both degrees are Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Toying around with the idea of adding on two additional minors: Religious Studies and Political Science. 
4) Nine to Five.
  • I am a Resident Assistant (RA) at NAU (some universities call it a CA). 
  • I have been an RA for two years (currently in my second year).
  • It sometimes ends up being 30-40 hours a week of work.
  • I absolutely love being an RA, despite the workload.

5) Killing Time.
  • I played soccer for most of my life, but I haven't played in a few years. 
  • I've been getting into video games more and more. We just bought a Kinect and have an Xbox 360 in our residence hall and that's been oodles of fun. 
  • I love hanging out with my residents. They are pretty dang cool. I can brag about them all day, e'erday...though they do bring some frustrations sometimes!
  • I'm definitely a fan of reading. 
  • Watching movies is always enjoyable for me. Except scary movies or thrillers...or movies with unhappy endings. 500 Days of Summer is potentially my least favorite movie. 
  • This sounds totally cheesy, but I'm being for real when I say I love encouraging people. When I have some time, I write notes to all of my residents and staff members (about 50 people) telling them how awesome they are. 
  • I love jamming to music.

6) The Important Stuff.
  • As aforementioned, I dislike movies with unhappy endings. 
  • I love Google. I think it's the best search engine and no other search engine can even compare. 
  • I love Apple products. Ipods, Macs, etc. 
  • I can touch my tongue to my nose--I practiced this in front of the mirror. 
  • I hate feet. They really scare me and freak me out. Whether your foot is bare, has a sock, or even a shoe, it still scares me. 
  • Using the incorrect "you're/your" and"its/it's" bothers me immensely. 
  • I love Mountain Dew. 
  • I always wear a watch. Because of that, I make sure it's waterproof so I can swim and shower with it on. 
  • I don't think brown and black match. Story: One time someone sat in front of me with a black shirt and a brown belt. I had to move seats because I was too distracted by the mismatch. 
  • Watching and hearing finger pecking when typing on a keyboard is rather irksome, I much prefer proper typing and utilizing the home keys. 
  • I'm an awful dancer, but I'll dance anyway. 
  • I'm also an awful singer, but that certainly doesn't stop me. 
  • I love puns. 
  • I love jokes and very much enjoy laughing. 
  • I like to observe and ponder things before too much action is taken. 
  • I can easily sleep for fourteen hours if given the opportunity.
  • I probably think you're really, really cool. Scratch the "probably". I don't even know you and I'm sure that's what I think of you. 

7) Previous Experience.
  • My first mission trip was to Vernon, AZ where we did Vacation Bible School and Sports camp with a church. 
  • I went to Globe, AZ on a Native American Reservation with my church, where our main focus was clearing land in preparation of building a church. 
  • I have been to Rocky Point, Mexico three times with my church through Amor Ministries. There, we build houses and build relationships with those whose homes we are building. 
  • Spring break 2010, I went to St. Louis with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship through CityLights Ministries. There, I worked with refugees, teaching them English as a second language, raked leaves, planted gardens, helped a church move locations, and helped pave a parking lot.
  • July 2010 was my first overseas mission trip, as I went to South Africa with Thrive Africa. The primary emphasis was on relationship evangelism. 

8) The Nit N' Gritty.
  • I am truly excited to see God bring 13 (is that the right number?) people together and do crazy cool things. 
  • I am stoked/scared about working with victims within the sex trafficking industry. I have done quite a bit of research throughout my semesters at NAU about the industry.
  • I am wigging out that I get to meet you all. And hang out with you guys for two months. 
  • While I don't live at home (and every time I go home for breaks, I am reminded that I am a guest!), I can still communicate with my family. The idea of being in another country for two months with little communication with them makes me slightly nervous. 
  • I love America and probably opposite of many of you, have never really wanted to serve outside of America. But God has really been teaching me and showing me that I have to love and serve the rest of the world. And more and more, I've been yearning to learn and have really started to love the entire world. (You can read about it here:
  • God has been saying, "Ashley, you are so cool because you're my daughter. These people that are going to India are also super legit and they are my kids too. You guys are going to show India how great of a God I am and be my ambassadors there. I'm with you, all day e'eryday. Trust me."

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