Monday, March 21, 2011

Come Here

Come here.
You. Stop. And come here. 

I serve a God who tells me that every single day. We are called and summoned to come to the King. Jesus wants us to know that he has got us. He says, "Come here".

How cool is that? It's pretty dang cool.

I serve a God who wants me to ask Him questions. Wants me to earnestly seek Him. Desires me to ask him real questions. Hard ones, intimidating ones, big ones, small ones, insignificant ones, real ones, crazy ones. He wants me to ask questions. And He calls me to hang out with Him. He just says, Stop and come here. Come here and rest in me. Come here and lay it on me. Come here and let me carry you.  

See, I still don't have this whole Christian thing completely figured out. There is a lot I don't know about God, about Jesus, about the Bible. I still screw up, I still mess up all the time. I still do/say the wrong things. I still let people down. I still have questions, I still have confusion. I don't understand it all. It's okay to ask questions.

But Christians aren't religious people who have it all together. Rather, we are people who are desperately loved by Jesus and were radically transformed by Him. 

We are His. And we can find rest in Him. We can ask Him questions. He's the King of the Universe and yet He still loves me. My God knows me. My God yearns for me to see how deep and wide His love is.

He tells me:
Be still and know that I am God. Enjoy my presence. Be content where you're at. Let me pour into you. Let me love you. Let me help you. You cannot do this on your own. I made you to be mine. Rest in me. Find your peace and hope and desire in me. I am right here. Hold on to me. I love you. You are my daughter. 

And I respond:
I am your daughter. A princess. I am whole. I am Yours. I am capable. I am forgiven. I am captivating. I am worthy. I am valued. I am rescued. I am pure. I am provided for. Jesus, you are enough. Give me a passion, an obsession, an ambition. I want to know and follow hard after you. 

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