Sunday, August 22, 2010

E-mail Update #6 (July 16, 2010)

Hey ya'll!

I apologize for not sending out many updates this past week or really updating the blog. Today we finished up our week in the village of Qwa Qwa doing relationship evangelism and yesterday afternoon my group did children's ministry and this afternoon we went to the hospital and prayed for patients. Tomorrow I get to celebrate my 20th birthday in South Africa and go to a lion park and possibly hold a baby tiger! Sunday we are going to church in Qwa Qwa and next week we will be doing the same thing but in the village of Intabazwe.

Some of my friends here are waiting for me to finish so we can chat, so I'm going to make this short! It's really cold here, so my hands aren't typing so well either!

-Pray for Abram. He is part of a church here that practices basically worshipping their ancestors and Jesus is fighting hard.
-A lot of those who live here practice "honoring" their ancestors, basically they use them instead of Jesus to get to God. We've had a lot of conversations with people about that..
-Practicing true Christianity here is very difficult as it goes against a lot of aspects of their culture. Pray for strength for those who have submitted their life to Christ.
-Today we went to the hospital and it was one of the better hosptials in south Africa and that is was pretty broken kind of sort of dirty and the beds were old and rickety and metal. and they didnt really have their own rooms, its all in one room without curtains.

Okay chatting with friends now, gotta run.

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