Sunday, August 22, 2010

E-mail Update #5 (July 8, 2010)

Hey all!

I made it to DC Wwithout a hitch and found my team no problem. We did
have one team member who had their flight cancelled due to rain
however she was able to catcha nother flight and will make it to dc a
little over an hour from when we take off for paris. Once in Paris we
have about a 12 hour layover, however we will have to stay in the

Right now we are in line, checking baggage to South Africa and getting
our boarding passes for our next two flights.

I, along with two others, have been made tag leaders..basically just
helping our team leader make sure everyone is all together and keep
track of everyone.

I am able to send this from my phone so hopefully it makes to yall

I love my team and am convinced that I'm goimg to come back with a
strong southern accent! We are from all over--Colorado, alabama,
tennessee, canada, califronia, oklahoma, etc.

Continue to pray for our safety and that we can keep trackl of our
passports..we have already had a few scares with our ids!

thank you all,


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