Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spark KU

I was having lunch with a friend of mine on Friday and she told me about an event later that evening called Spark KU. As soon as she told me I was like this sounds awesome, I want to go.

This event had applied to be an independent TED talk--yeah. It got denied, so called it Spark. And that's essentially what it was--it was like a mini TED conference and it was awesome.

There were 7 speakers and the KU a capella group (Genuine Imitation). I took copious notes and just want to type them up here so I have them elsewhere than my messy notebook.

Dan Deeble--Pastor at Heartland Community Church

  • Started with a story of his 6 year old daughter asked a lot of questions about church/God
  • To doubt, to ask questions, to grapple is so important
  • A great learner begins with doubts
    • "If a man will begin with certainties he will end in doubts; but if he is content to begin with doubts, he will end in certainties" -Francis Bacon
  • Good doubt v. bad doubt
    • Good doubt
      • Is humble
      • Asks questions
      • Is vulnerable
      • Is intellectually curious
      • Allows for mystery
      • Where the spark begins
    • Bad doubt
      • Is prideful
      • Is closed off
      • Makes statements
      • Is calloused
      • Demands certainty
      • Is superior
      • Is cynical
  • "It's okay to be exactly where you are, but not okay to stay there"
  • To remove doubt
    • Make a doubt list
    • Find someone to share your doubts with
    • Doubt your doubt
    • Practice your doubt

Riddhiman Das--PhD candidate in Biometrics
  • Born in 1990 in India
  • Wrote his own programming code, started 3 companies, worked at Google, and Facebook
  • Technologist of the year
  • UMKC--computer science, math, entrepreneurship
  • "I had many things taken away from me, I still made can you."

Amy Long--Greek Life, Associate Director
  • Moved from Iowa-->Oregon-->KS
  • Invest in yourself and experiences
  • Build relationships, be vulnerable
  • What are the little opportunities I can say yes to in order to grow, shape myself, etc. so that when the big ones come I can say yes to that
  • Stretch myself
  • What opportunities should I take a risk on?
    • "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes--then learn how to do it later." -Richard Brason
    • When someone is willing to take a chance on me, believes in me, I need to be willing to say yes
Dan Low--MFA, current KU Student #THENEWMYTHOLOGY
  • Human beings are a special kind of being because we question how to be
  • Want to fulfill potential, transform into how we can be
  • Social media--digital entity that relies solely on user

Cody Charles--Academic Enrichment Program for OMA, Associate Director 
  • Started with "How did I make it?"--grew up poor, southern Baptist, in a shack
  • Mom left him when he was 7, was bullied, shamed, wanted to disappear
  • "Angels", people who influenced him
    • "You can go to college" --Teacher
    • "I saw that and it's not okay" --Spoke when he couldn't
    • "You belong here", Introduced to staff, helped him become part of a community. --RA

Curtis Marsh--KU Info
  • Everyone is a juggler
  • Used prop of juggling (switching hands)
  • People ask about 300 questions/day to KU Info
    • Don't judge people for their questions
    • Seek an answer for any and all questions (even the ones that seem ridiculous)
  • Take on perspective
  • Get people to do what you want them to do because they believe in you and where you are going
  • Lead by creative buy in
  • Perspective and balance
    • Where are you coming from? How did you get here? Where are you going?

Dr. Shane Lopez--Lead Researcher at Gallup
  • 70% of Americans hate their jobs (Newspaper heading)
    • Reality: hate=not engaged
    • Health is worse if you hate your job
  • Researched people who loved their jobs
    • It is my responsibility to find a job that is a good job for me
    • When we make things, we love things more
      • Time spent, people engaged, feeling like you matter
  • Test drive the future
  • Trust your gut
  • Play to your strengths
  • Craft your job
  • Shop for the right boss
    • Individualizes to me
    • Wants to inspire me
    • Sets high standards and doesn't compromise on them

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