Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So much Homework

Doctors have asked me to do 40304928 things for homework. Okay, maybe not that much, but it feels like that much. One of the things is to keep a journal of my day, how I feel throughout the day, note the changes, etc. I was pretty good about doing that the first few weeks on here, but then, I got busy/tired/bored/overwhelmed of doing that.

But now it's actual "homework" so I gotta get back into it. So here we go.

Today, I did really well. Actually, the last few days, since Thursday (sort of), I've done pretty darn well. Saturday afternoon/evening was the first time when I was really so much more like myself than I have been since the injury. I still get super fatigued after a few hours of engaging though.

Take today for example. Here's what I did.
1. I woke up late and didn't leave my house until 5 minutes after I should have already been at my destination. (7:35am)

2. I planned on when I was going to see students, wrote out the call slips, and wrote out my calendar for the day.

3. I went to my first IEP meeting (that was overwhelming, there were 13 people at the meeting, so many people trying to coordinate services for this student.) (9:15am)

4. I met with a kid who I'll be doing indirect service for. That was awkward.

5. I talked to my field instructor about the IEP meeting. She told me I need to be more assertive. I think she forgets how awkward it is for a student to try to speak up to other professionals and share their thoughts. Because it is. Awkward and hard.

6. I met with a student and we came up with a game plan of how we'll do our sessions. He's on the spectrum, and his area of expertise is drawing. At first, I had three different activities and was going to have him choose which one he wanted to do. He self advocated and said he is cool with me just asking him questions (which is what I prefer anyway) and he will answer them, so long as he is drawing. So I asked if he's cool with me getting him a journal, where every time we meet, he can draw in it during the session while we talk, and I keep it and can respond back in words because drawing isn't my thing, and then he can respond by drawing something, etc. So the plaaaaan is for us to "journal" back and forth and also talk during the sessions.

7. I met with another student who wasn't so sure about having me as his new social worker and wanted to stay with my field instructor. He came at the same time I was meeting with the aforementioned kid, and as such, I didn't really get to talk to him, I will on Monday. I basically asked him if he's willing to give me a shot, we'll try it out for a few weeks and if it's not clicking, he works better with my FI, he's just more comfortable with her, whatever, it's cool if he's with her. He was down for that. Sort of... The trouble with being a counseling/SW intern is that a lot of the "clients" that you start seeing, already have a relationship with whoever is the supervisor, and that's someone they are comfortable with, and don't want to switch to a new person. And with students, their parents are involved his parents have a relationship with my FI too. But he'd be a GREAT kid for me to "practice on"and learn from, because holy geeze, his home life and how he reacts to things is just..well, needs a lot of intervention.

8. I had my lunch and finished my second Brené Brown book.

9. I met with my FI to update her on the students.

10. I went to a meeting about our SESC classroom (basically, classroom for students with emotional disturbances and behavioral problems) and observed how the paras view data collecting. (2pm)

11. Went home and hung out with my roommates. (4pm)

12. Did my speech therapy exercises, which my roommates found to be hilarious. I texted them yesterday and said my speech therapist sends her apologies, because she has assigned me work that I need to do twice a day that involves me being really loud. They were a hoot to do it with. I was going strong.

13. I did my physical therapy exercises and I started to get pretty dizzy and took me awhile to do.

14. I watched a TED video with my roommates. (5pm)

15. I went to dinner with my roommates and friends. Today is national taco day (who knew?!) so we went to this place that had dollar tacos. I had never been there before, because it's called "Fuzzy's Taco Shop" which just freaks me out. But oh my geeze, so freaking delicious. I was doing pretty well still. By around 6pm, I started getting really tired. Within a few minutes, I was almost asleep. In the short car ride home (like 5 minutes), I fell asleep.

16. We got home (6:30ish) and my roommate had to hold me so I could walk. I went up to my room and within a minute, I would imagine, I was asleep.

17. I woke up around 8:30 and decided if if I wanted to get up to shower and finish my paper, or just sleep. I made myself get up and do what I had to do. And then remembered I had to journal. So that's where this comes in. Also, I'm supposed to do my therapies twice a day, but they are so time consuming (and I have to be loud for one of them), and I only did them once today. But I'm too tired.

Take home point:
So now I'm going to bed. 
I did well until 6pm. But I went from about 8am-6pm going pretty strong. But boy, I was wiped out beyond belief by 6, I couldn't speak clearly or walk well by then. 

Also, my medicine is almost out (I have one more day left) but insurance won't pay for it until another few days. So I'll  have to go a day or two without medicine, so we'll see how that goes....

Also, if I get one more lecture about how I'm doing too much and need to keep resting, I might actually yell at someone. 

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