Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Don't Know What Happened

I was so good at keeping this updated, and now, not so much...
October has been super duper busy.
I'm doing three types of therapies.
Speech, physical, and cognitive. Speech and physical, I'm much more willing to talk about and mention. Cognitive, I've only told a few select people. Cognitive therapy is counseling--my doctors...and a few friends..have encouraged and recommended I go to process everything that's going on. I kept putting it off, for all kinds of reasons.

^So, I started writing that last week, and then I stopped. A week later, I am done with counseling...went to a whopping two sessions, done with speech therapy (SPEECH IS FLUENT AND NORMAL FOR OVER A WEEK!! So I met my goal, so got released), AND no longer have to take one of my medications! Boooom! I still have to go to at least one more physical therapy session...I'm still not strong really in my walking..Ironically (I don't think I'm using that word right), when I started, physical therapy was scheduled all the way through November, because my speech was so terrible, and physical therapy was only scheduled for 3-4 sessions, because it was pretty good. But, turned out, speech was much easier to fix than my walking, apparently.

Annnnd still have to go to doctors and take that iMPACT test.

But, this past week, like....last Wednesday? Was when I first started finally doing WELL. Like, compliments from people and a huge, noticeable difference.

Also, I went to Chicago and that was awesome. 

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  1. I love hearing that you're improving! And Chicago!! What? When? Awesome! :)