Thursday, April 11, 2013

One of "Those" Calls

Tonight I received one of "those" calls. You know, the one you never ever want. The one saying, "Your brother got into a car accident."

My brother. My beautiful and incredible brother. My cautious and well mannered, kind hearted and gentle spirited little brother.

He's okay. Somehow, he left unscathed. Firefighters and EMT attribute it to wearing his seatbelt. I love seat belts, and even more now. My brother just texted me and said, "The fire department said I should be dead or at least broken bones that im a living miracle".

The truck was not so lucky. It was a rollover accident. According to my brother, both side mirrors gone, all windows broke, dashboard caved in, all of the doors are bashed in, and he had to climb through the windshield (which apparently was no easy task). This leads into 439084923490 problems for my family, but we're just so glad he's okay.

The kicker? My parents aren't there, they just flew in to see me for the weekend.

My brother's okay. I talked to him on the phone. We're texting now.
I love my brother.
He's the coolest kid I know. And I know a lot of cool kids.

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  1. Oh man. I'm so sorry to hear this and so happy he's okay. <3