Monday, January 14, 2013

My Fort

I just made a fort! A freaking fort! I don't "make" things very often and when I do, I rarely pull it off (for instance, I tried to make an omelet this did not turn out well). But I made a fort! It's not the best fort, and really, it looks kinda weird and kind of seems to throw off the "feng shui" of the room, but whatever. It's still a fort.

This is the second fort I've ever made. My first fort ever was made with a wonderful friend. I told her I hadn't ever made a fort. Normally, people say, "Really?! Wow. You should get on that." And then we drop the subject. She did kind of say that, but she also made an attempt to get me to build one. She and I made a fort together and it was a freaking awesome fort. Because of the placement of that fort, it had like two extra little hide outs within it and it had plenty of room.

This fort isn't really like that. It's in a corner and isn't very big and looks more like a "restricted area", but whatever.

The plan is to get some pillows and blankets, maybe some lights, and make it a cozy little area. It's going to be my own super safe and confined place. The place I can go for refuge, or for extra positivity. I'm starting to put things on the lower part of the wall, so they are at eye level when I sit down that are encouraging or uplifting. It's the place where I'll go when I'm upset or hurting, a place to rejuvenate.

I always try to make my room that way too, but there's still something about making even part of my room strictly this way.

Hurray for forts!

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  1. Hurray indeed!! :D I really do need to get on building my own fort here...