Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cool Friends

Today was one of those days where I needed someone to talk to. I wanted/needed to share about my day. I wanted to hash out some of the things from today with someone. My feelings, thoughts, the happenings. And while I hate saying this and I hate when it's said to/about me, but all of the people who I would love to be real with are too busy. I don't dare tell them that, and I know they would try to listen, best they could, because I actually do have awesome friends. But I know exactly what they're doing and have on their plate.

So, here we are.

I walked in the office at 8:45. Today, I had to tell someone I was disappointed in them and they need to get their act together really soon. Then, I had to hear about how a daughter feels like her mom blames her for everything wrong. After that, I had to fill out a Food Stamps application for someone who wasn't able to do it themselves. I then had 9 voice mails, 4 of them from the same person (all within 24 hours), all five people telling me that they are homeless. I had ten minutes for lunch, and then had a walk in client. That person recently got kicked out of their house. I had another drop in client, introduced to me by the counselor. They were engaged and had nothing but each other. I called the person back who had left four voice mails. They were living out of their car and decided they didn't like me and even though wanted help, didn't want it from me. I called another person and gave them every resource I had on shelters. Then I remembered I had play therapy group in 2 minutes and then hung out with six boys for an hour and a half. I left the office at 5:45. It was pouring rain and wicked foggy, so I didn't get home until 6:45.

I also had a spreadsheet to work on, but I didn't have the right information because they weren't my clients. It was just sent to me because I know how to get work done. But the person's whose work it was, was wicked upset that it was given to me.

One of the clients heard an employee talk smack about them. The employee was speaking in another language and assumed the client couldn't understand them.

It wasn't a bad day. It was actually good. It was fulfilling, busy, and productive. I know I helped a lot of people today. I know people walked in hopeless and walked out with a little more hope. I know I did a good job today and I enjoyed it. I don't need to vent, I just need to be real and reflect with someone. I just have friends who are also doing awesome things and as such, are sometimes a little difficult to talk to in terms of timing.

Maybe I just need friends that aren't very cool, for days like this...=) 

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  1. Just FYI, I'm pretty much at home until February 22. I'm just putting that out there. :)