Sunday, October 28, 2012

Too Real

October is always a rough month, and this October was no exception. But this past week was what was really bad. I had major freak out moments, but didn't tell anyone. I finally texted my dear friend who has known me since we were 8 and 9 years old. All I essentially said was that I was having a a major freak out moment. But she knew me well enough, to know that it's rare that I have freak out moments that are so big I can't logically combat them myself. And she also knows that if they are the point of me sharing it, it's a big deal and I wasn't being dramatic (well, maybe I was). Needless to say, she sprung into action, best she could being 1200 miles away.

The other night I had to get out of bed and write on my mirror three things:
  • Respect yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Be kind to yourself
Because, guess what I haven't been doing? Respecting myself, loving myself, or being kind to myself.

I'm struggling with where to go with this, because I've tried to be somewhat vulnerable in every post. But as far as this post goes, it leads to being too real. 

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