Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Concussion Update

Went to the doctor on Monday. The last time I went to the doctor, I still wasn't reallyyyy legitimately recovering. So, I'm finally recovering, though not yet recovered.

I didn't do well on my cognitive impact test=( But! We have theories.
I go in the afternoon. I had a long day, had to take 3 tests for a training (100% on those!), had to drive an hour to get to the doctor, I was late, it was raining, I was stressed, I was tired. So, doc is cool with my results and is still quite pleased.

So here's where we're at:
-I am going to go the concussion clinic only one more time in 3 weeks!
-I have been approved to have alcohol. Haven't had a drink since the concussion in July.
-I still cannot participate in contact sports, roller coasters, ride a bike, water parks, etc--anything where I can get another head injury (where it's fairly likely)
-She is willing, yet weary, to officially approve for me to do extra cognitive things (like more work, classes, school, etc.) Unofficially, I'm doing it all anyway and she knows that. But officially, I'm still not technically approved for every thing.
-My symptoms are super low, which is great. But they still exist. Not as often and not to the same degree. But I will be on some kind of restriction (like no roller coasters) until I have no symptoms related to the concussion, no matter to what degree. Even if I only have 1 and it's slight, still not allowed.

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