Monday, September 2, 2013

The Weekend

I slept. I slept for almost the entire weekend. My roommate thought I had left for the weekend because I didn't even leave my room or make any noises.

Saturday I was literally in my bed all day. Most of it, asleep. Sunday, I at least made it down to the couch, but still slept most of it. Monday, I actually did a lot better. I was able to do homework and read and hang out with my roommate. I accidentally fell asleep on her 4 times, so still rested quite a bit and get tired pretty easily.

I think Friday wore me out. Luckily, I also have most of Tuesday off too.

But rest is what's supposed to make me all better. And the neurologist said that the fatigue/tiredness/drowsiness/etc will be the last thing to go away. With the exception of that, I think/hope that's pretty much the main symptom now?

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