Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

Disclaimer: I encourage you to click on every link in this post, that way you know what songs I am actually talking about, and watch the videos. Although I'm not sure how to make it open in a new window, so unfortunately if you just click on it it takes you away from this screen. Maybe if you right click...

I've been in like super dance mode lately...which is unfortunate because I am an AWFUL dancer. As I told my dear friend one time, my hips can't lie because they don't move! I just swing my arms around and stomp my feet...that's essentially my dancing.

Last week we (our super cool MoCa hall staff) bought a Kinect for our Xbox 360 in our residence hall. Um, if you have never played you seriously need to. Because it is awesome! When we bought the Kinect we bought games with it, one being Dance Central. Dance Central has some rockin' songs. MIA, Pitbull...those are the only two that come to my mind right now...but yeah. So we have been playing that game whenever we can (which isn't that much..only twice actually..but each time for several hours). When I first started this game, I was incredibly horrible. It was embarrassing actually. But tonight, I won a few rounds! BOOM! Tonight, we just had lots of fun. Four RAs, getting together, not judging, just loving each other and having fun.

That's what dancing can do. It can bring you into a good mood, no matter how bad of a dancer you are. It can allow for that sense of community. It's super neat.

Another dancing thing that has occurred was a Silent Dance Party put on by one of my co-workers. Essentially, you put your headphones in, turn the music up and dance to your own music. So everyone is dancing, but to different music. Being RAs, we like to teach people in everything we do=) There is this thing called the Wellness Wheel (something like that). Here's a cool picture of it:

In RA world, we try to hit on each piece of that wheel as often as possible. We achieve it through passive education, conversations, and programs. For this particular program, we created different stations pertaining to each area. For each area, we were to listen to a song that pertained to the certain area of wheel and dance accordingly. 

When I listen to songs, the beat definitely matters, but for me, the lyrics matter even more. Lyrics are huge for me (okay, okay I know that doesn't always hold true...I love hip hop songs, but definitely not because of their lyrics) and the songs I chose to listen to during this program were really intentional and I wanted to share it with you all. 

Environmental Wellness: I was supposed to listen to a song that created a healthy environment for me.
I chose to listen to "He Reigns" by Newsboys. Why? Because all God's children singing is what I want to be surrounded by. Surrounded by His glory, by His grace, by His love. In order for me to grow, I need to be with those who will uplift me, support me. 

Physical Wellness: Listen to a song that I can dance too. Um. Done. Easy. Cha Cha Slide. Doing the cha cha slide by myself was a fun experience. And something that was really cool about it, is that the other people who were there and dancing too, they knew EXACTLY what song I was listening to and they knew what was coming up. I realized that so long as my actions are consistent and how I present myself is constantly in line with my beliefs that people will know exactly what my purpose is, that people will know that positivity and encouragement is coming at them. I have to be consistent though. And sometimes, I just have to clap, clap my hands. 

Social Wellness
: "Down" by Jay Sean. Actually, this one was more food and drink a slushie, but for the purpose of this I added it to social (for the record, I did listen to this song, I did double songs for physical wellness, because I love to dance=D). Basically, I love hip hop. And I really like this song. And talk about swinging my arms and stomping my feet, because that is essentially all that happened. I just blasted my iPod and jammed out. It was just me, dancing. Just me, in my own little world, just me, dancing, just me getting down. Sometimes that's what I need. I need to just escape everything else, even if for only the length of a song, and just get my groove in, no matter how ridiculous I look.

Intellectual Wellness
: I was to listen to music that open me to new ideas, reminding me that I am always learning. I chose to listen to "Second Chances" by Stellar Kart. Originally, I was going to choose another song, but then that one came on my iPod and I thought, Hmm. You know, this works really well for this.   People screw up, I screw up, we all screw up. It sucks, but it happens. What's next? The idea of forgiveness is something so foreign to us. The true concept of it is something that is so hard to grasp. The decision to give someone a second chance, over and over and over again. That is something that I am always learning. When we provide an idea or follow through with an idea and it doesn't work and trying again, that's being open to new ideas.

Emotional Wellness: A song that can strengthen my ability to handle emotions in a constructive way. I listened to "Even Now" by Foolish Things. This song reminds that I am still loved, even now. That the person who hurt me is still loved, even now. It reminds me that God isn't going to leave my side, that when I'm at my wits' end, He is that strong tower. My emotions can be dominating my thoughts and this song says, Hey, calm yourself. Find rest. Still love people, because you are still loved.

Spiritual Wellness
: What gives me passion, what drives me, what's my purpose? "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole. Right there. That's it. I want to set the world on fire, I want the world do be shining, I want the world to be consumed with this overwhelming, passionate love that Christ gives. I want to be part of the movement. I am fueled by Christ's love, my passion is to serve Christ by serving others. My purpose is to love people and share who Jesus is. I want to serve people in Africa, in India, in the Americas. Christ is involved in everything that I do and I want to be consistent. I want my words and actions to line up with my beliefs. I want to forgive people, just as Christ forgave me. I want to do crazy things, be silly, be real. I want to be part of the body of Christ and know about the other parts of His body and how we can most effectively work together. I want to show you who Jesus is. I want you to know about this overwhelming and consuming love. Because it is awesome. 

By the way, want to see me for real dance and sing? These are the only two videos I have. Neither are overly great and the dancing one you can hardly see me. But hey!

Dancing (I am in the maroon shirt--short and blonde, in front of Chris, the tall kid in the blue=))
Singing (Hopefully a little more obvious to recognize the green shirt.)

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